Open Play

Family Fun Friday!

6pm – 9pm

$12 admission includes our indoor basketball court and ALL THREE inflatable arenas!


Indoor Open Play on the Swings-n-Things indoor playground. Children get to play on our playsets, swingsets, trampolines, and basketball court.

Indoor Open Play

Inflatables are open for business! Children can play in one of our giant inflatable arenas AND enjoy the Swings-n-Things indoor playground!

Special Event Days!

Our special event days cover Easter, President’s Day, Teacher Work Days, Boo Fest and more! No matter what your event is, the kids will always have a blast!

Call 513-701-PLAY (7529) to book today!


Swings N Things Indoor Playground

Includes Swing Sets, Trampolines, and Basketball Hoops

Monday – Friday: $5.00 • Saturdays: $7.00 • Sundays: $7.00


Inflatable Open Play

Includes Swings-n-Things Playground PLUS Giant Inflatables

Monday – Friday: $10.00


Family Fun Friday

Includes Swings-n-Things Indoor Playground (playsets, tramps, & basketball hoops), PLUS Giant Inflatable Arenas!

Admission: $12

Indoor Playground

Run Jump-n-Play® has one of the areas largest Indoor Playgrounds featuring the Swings-n-Things indoor display which features over 10 playsets, trampolines, and basketball hoops! During Open Play, your children can play safely and securly in our Indoor Playground year round–especially during the summer or winter months.

Usually, for a small additional fee (but sometimes included in the price of admission, please check your Indoor Open Play Schedule), your child can also play on our Giant Inflatables, play a round of Glo Golf, or bowl a game of Glo-Bowling! Its never a dull moment at Open Play, and while your children is having a blast, mom or dad can enjoy a cup of coffee and a conversation with a friend at our snack bar.

For more information please check out our Indoor Open Play schedule.

Indoor Open Playground is available almost everyday, see Open Play Schedule. It  includes the following:






Basketball Hoops

snackbar_ thumb

Snack Bar with WiFi

Inflatable Open Play

Run Jump-n-Play®’s Giant Inflatables guarantee unrivaled fun at an unbeatable price! ALL NEW third arena where guests meet the Kraken a sunken ship overtaken by a massive octopus), the Scary Roswell (an exciting obstacle course featuring an outer space visitor) and the Defender Dome (an inflatable stadium complete with balls and four goals).

In the first arena, guests encounter exciting attractions including the Big Obstacle Course, the Basketball Jumper and the Coliseum. The excitement continues in the second arena where guests experience the Shark Slide, Ocean World, and the Smaller Obstacle Course. Beware of the biggest shark in the water—he’ll swallow you whole! Escape his massive jaws and you’ll be swimming free! Frolic with the dolphins and battle through shark filled waters to find the treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. Nothing beats the adventure of a day spent in our Giant Inflatables Arenas!

Inflatable Open Play area is available almost everyday. See our Open Play Schedule for details.








Basketball Hoops

snackbar_ thumb

Snack Bar with WiFi

Family Fun Fridays

family-fun kids-on-inflatable glo-basketball family-fun kids-on-inflatable glo-basketball

Looking for something to do with the family on a Friday night? Friday Fun night is action packed fun for everyone at Run Jump –N-Play . Family Fun Friday includes a swingin’ good time in the following areas:

Swings-n-Things Play Area

featuring an array of superior swing-sets, complete with slides, trampolines and basketball hoops!

Three Giant Inflatable Arenas!

The fun doesn’t stop there! SNT Family Fun Friday also includes time in all 3 Giant inflatable play areas!

Cosmic Play Area Access!

Select features of out New Cosmic Glo arena are available select Fridays, when available.

Family Fun Friday is a great way to spend a Friday night, rain or shine! See our Open Play Schedule.

Fridays 1_thumb

Arena A

Fridays 2_thumb

Arena B

Fridays 3_thumb

Arena C

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Indoor Playground

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