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Turn Your Backyard into a Wonderland that Stimulates Your Child’s Growth

You’re a working parent, getting home with barely enough time to throw dinner on the table. By the time you have cleared the table and scrubbed down the kitchen, you don’t want to embark on the “no TV” battle with the kids.

You’re a stay-at-home mom who has been chasing the kids around all day, trying to keep them entertained without turning on the latest episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Play-doh, coloring books and dance parties have about made you lose your mind.

If only there was something that could get everyone up off the couch and outside to enjoy not only the weather, but each other’s company. Oh wait, there is! This is where Rainbow Playsets enters the story and all of a sudden, things get a tad bit easier.

Kids Love Rainbow Playsets, Swing Sets and all Their fun Accessories

You don’t have to beg your kids to want to put on their play shoes and hit the backyard for some fun. Rainbow outdoor Playsets has every design and combination of accessories you can imagine to let your kids’ imaginations soar to new heights.

There are two main structures of Rainbow Swing Sets you can choose: Castle Series and Clubhouse Series

The decision of which series to go with depends on the features you are looking for, but also how much room you have in your backyard and what type of terrain is present, as well. Generally speaking, if you have uneven levels in your yard, the Castle Series is recommended. This model can start with the basics with just a slide, ladder and beam with swings. However, it can be greatly enhanced to be the enchanted castle of your little one’s dreams that truly lives up to its name.

On the other hand, the Clubhouse Series is more appropriate if you have a smaller yard. Don’t be fooled, though. The fact that this series is best for those with tiny yards does not mean less fun. You can pack so much adventure on both the bottom and upper levels of a Clubhouse Series playset that truly make it a dream come true.

Being Outdoors has Been Proven to be Beneficial for Children

In today’s society, children are outdoors far less than they used to be, especially during the school day. This is pretty concerning considering the developmental nature of a young child’s brain needs to be outside exploring, learning and taking in all sorts of information. To make it even more difficult, with the rapid abundance of screens (phones, television, tablets, computers, watches, etc), kids are becoming increasingly addicted to constant stimulation. They are losing the ability to think on their own when a new image appears instantaneously on the latest device.

Being Outdoors Promotes Healthy Brain Development and Enhances Imagination

Give the screens a rest and get your children outside. There are two seemingly contradictory benefits to being outdoors. One is that the environment and surroundings are constantly changing. A car drives by, an ambulance bellows in the distance, a squirrel runs past your feet. A child’s brain is getting constant stimulation in a really bold, yet natural, way. They are able to learn through doing, instead of learning through watching. On the other hand, although the environment is changing constantly, it’s not in the same way as a TV where the image is switched every 2 seconds. Being outdoors is the perfect amount of stillness that forces a young child to use their imagination and make up for the lack of constant flashing screens and sounds being thrown in their face from a screen.

toddler outdoor playset

Being in Fresh Air Promotes Relaxation and Reduces Stress

Unfortunately, even our young children are exposed to stressors that past generations did not experience. The higher requirements in schools and constant testing, the pressure of social media and bullying, and even sports induced anxiety. The good news is that everyone has access to an immediate stress reliever right out their backdoor. When kids are outside playing and using their creativity, they forget about all of the drama in their lives. Being outside and in nature stimulates parts of the brain that calms you down, evoking pleasure and happiness.

Outdoor Play Keeps Your Children Physically Healthy and Maintains a Strong Immune System

Research shows that kids who are used to playing outside have a lower risk of obesity. This is not surprising considering kids are climbing, jumping, swinging, running and hiding. It gets them moving, especially after a long day of being indoors sitting at desks at school.

Something that most parents don’t consider is how being outside playing actually strengthens your kid’s immune system. The latest allergy studies are pointing towards exposing kids to the common allergens early in their lives to lessen the chances of an allergy developing. Also, what else is outside? The sun, that big ball of fire that holds the Vitamin D key for everyone who wants it. Vitamin D is linked to so many positive health features and it is extremely important for a child’s growth and development. Of course remember to apply sunscreen adequately and use your judgement in the length of time they are outside.

A Rainbow Playset Makes the Perfect Gift for Your Children

Most parents get overwhelmed with the amount of toys their children receive. Every Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthday seems to make your house even smaller, with more toys being added to the pile that was already there. So often, the gift givers, especially grandparents, don’t know what else to do. It is normal, you give gifts to kids on these special occasions. But next time, suggest to everyone that they help contribute financially towards a Rainbow Playset instead.

Everyone knows that a gift under a Christmas tree is special and fun for about 1 month. Then the kids start to get bored, move on to other toys and you have another piece of plastic in the middle of your living room that will never disappear. With a Rainbow Swing Set, your kids will have the gift that keeps on giving. Every time they go outside to play, they use their imagination to turn the playset into something straight from their wildest dreams. Instead of having to load up the car and drive the family to a park, you now have an amazing playset in your own backyard. The convenience and “cool factor” of your backyard can’t be beat!

Aren’t Sure You are Ready to Make this Purchase Without Trying a Rainbow Swing Set Out?

You are in luck! Run Jump-n-Play is a backyard superstore that has rows of Rainbow Playsets on display. Bring the kids and head on over to check them out. You can discuss all of the possibilities with a swing set representative who specializes in backyard fun. While you discuss the combinations of models and features, set the kids loose on our huge indoor playground and showroom. They can scale a rock wall, crawl through endless tunnels, slide down bright yellow tubes and hang out in a clubhouse. The truth is, when you bring your family to Run Jump-n-Play, your kids will take care of all the decision making! See you soon!