Inflatable/Bounce House Birthday Parties

  Run Jump-n-Play Makes Your Child’s Birthday Party Easy! When it’s time to plan a birthday party for your child, there are a few ways to go about it. You can hold an event at your house where children will recklessly tear through the place while you try (in vain) to “police” or  entertain them.…

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Backyard Play on Rainbow Playsets

  Reap the Benefits of the Great Outdoors with a Rainbow Playset   Turn Your Backyard into a Wonderland that Stimulates Your Child’s Growth You’re a working parent, getting home with barely enough time to throw dinner on the table. By the time you have cleared the table and scrubbed down the kitchen, you don’t…

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Vuly Thunder Trampolines

Let Your Kids Burn Energy on a Bouncy and Safe Vuly Thunder Trampoline   Vuly Thunder Trampolines are Getting Parents’ Attention Across Cincinnati Anything that lets kids burn some energy is a serious win for any parent. Especially when that energy-burning item is directly in your backyard. The news of Vuly Thunder Trampolines is spreading…

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The Beginning Stages of Planning a Cincinnati Birthday Party Are you looking to plan a Cincinnati birthday party for your child? For some parents, this can often seem like an overwhelming undertaking that no amount of planning can assist you with. Given everything on a modern mom’s plate, the last thing you need is to…

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President’s Day

It’s Presidents’ Day…and you know what that means! NO SCHOOL!!! By this point in the season, the kids have cabin fever. Winter has worn out its welcome and everyone is ready to get out and do something…anything! Spending Presidents’ Day lying around watching TV is so un-American…er, maybe it is American, but it’s not exactly…

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Get The Kids Outside

Looking for a way to get your kids outside and active this summer?  A Vuly Thunder or Vuly2 trampoline system from Swings-n-Things is the way to go! Our top-of-the-line, solidly constructed trampolines undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure endless hours of carefree outdoor fun for you and your family. When you buy a trampoline from Swings-n-Things, you…

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Vuly Thunder Trampoline

Vuly Thunder Trampoline This winter was filled with annoying issues: bad drivers, snow-covered walkways, the whine-fest that is bored kids on their fifth consecutive snow day…all minor issues, but annoying nonetheless. Fortunately, spring is in the air here in the tri-state!  After all the snow, cold and ice, we found ourselves more than ready to…

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Make Your Play Date at Run Jump-n-Play!

Are play dates and play groups becoming too much work? We know how you feel! Read on to find out how Play Date Fatigue can become a thing of the past!</em> Play dates. You know they’re essential in providing your kids opportunities to socialize (and they can be a great time for you to connect…

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Does Your Toddler Need a Place to Play Indoors?

Indoor Play for Your Toddler Just Got Easy “It’s gonna be a cold one today, folks!” The statement that every mom dreads hearing from the weather channel, especially those moms with one or more toddlers running around the house needing to get their wiggles out. These days can seem so long, as before lunch everybody…

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