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Basketball Player Dunking Basketball on a Goalrilla Inground Basketball Hoop

Goalrilla Hoops are Designed for More than Just Basketball  


The Many Ways Bringing a Goalrilla Hoop Home Can Benefit Your Family


The 2018 Winter Olympics have officially ended, leaving a mark of raw talent and inspiring stories for the world. Whether it be skiing, hockey,  football, soccer or basketball, sports have a way of bringing out the best in people.  Although the majority of young children won’t experience the honor of competing in the Olympics, it is still very important to integrate this form of entertainment into your children’s lives for multiple reasons.


Sports Get Everyone Outside for a Family Fun Adventure


Most parents may be reluctant to admit they are fiercely competitive, even with their own children.  It may start out as a simple game of tossing the ball back and forth, but it ends with an overwhelming desire to take it to the next level.  Sports are a sure way to get everyone involved in a little bit of family rivalry and fun! With the addition of a Goalrilla basketball hoop on your property, a quick game of shooting hoops or “Around the World” turns into a family bonding moment. Spending quality time as a family is something very important in the development of a child, yet so often overlooked.  With the busy jobs parents hold, the extracurricular activities kids are signed up for and the hours and hours of homework, families just aren’t finding the time to have fun together.  


Let Kids Be Kids Again


In this crazy world we live in, kids can’t just be kids anymore.  The demands of childhood have soared to a new level, especially once the children are in school.  State testing, loads of homework and the pressure for a high performance on the field take so much joy out of being a kid.  On top of that, as the years go by, younger kids are given tablets, smartphones and so much more.  This means the world is at their fingertips, the good, the bad and the straight up ugly. Kids are being exposed to so much more than previous generations and are forced to grow up so much quicker.  


How can you slow down the fast pace of modern childhood as a parent?

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Take away the electronics while at home and get them outside! By installing a Goalrilla basketball hoop, the kids are given something fun and entertaining outside that they actually WANT to partake in.  This makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift that your family will never grow tired of.  Research shows that too much screen time is hurting the development of children. Unfortunately, most kids today will choose a smartphone over a basketball hoop and will sit indoors for hours not getting exercise, not emotionally connecting with other individuals and overall, not knowing how to cope without one.  Our job as parents is to minimize the use of technology and maximize other activities our children can experience that don’t require an electrical outlet. Let Goalrilla Hoops be one of those activities that can transform how your child spends their time when at home.


Goalrilla Basketball Hoops are Fun and Durable, Making Kids and Parents Satisfied


These hoops are truly different from the rest! Goalrilla Basketball Hoops have a longer base pole, giving it shorter pole arms. This allows for less vibration and decreases the encroachment over the driveway.  The Y shape arms disperse the vibration, giving the ball an even bounce off of the glass.  The glass won’t ever break, so that is one less thing parents have to worry about. It is a clear view backboard cut around the rim, and the rim is mounted directly to the steel plate.  The coating is corrosive resistant and can withstand any crazy weather patterns, or basketballs, thrown at it. Goalrilla Hoops can be trusted, so much in fact that the manufacturer has extended a lifetime warranty. Kids will love the fun, parents will love the practicality!