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Plan your Cincinnati Birthday Party at Run Jump-n-Play

Are you looking to plan a Cincinnati birthday party for your child? For many parents this can seem like an overwhelming undertaking. Hosting a party at your own home can be frustrating because you’ll be doing all the setup, service, and cleanup on your own. Cleaning every square inch of your house before and after the party or paying a sometimes ridiculous amount of money to have all the mess at a venue can make planning a party feel like a lose-lose situation! All most parents want is to build enjoyable memories of their children growing up, especially their first and second birthdays. But don’t worry, we are here to help!

Run Jump-n-Play is a family-oriented business whose employees understand the many emotions that parents experience on their child’s birthday. Parents are busy and want to have someone else cover all of the logistical details that will allow you to fully enjoy the experience. Every party comes with a fully-trained party host who takes over the responsibility of your party and who is equipped with the tools to ensure your party runs smoothly and flawlessly. They will coordinate with you for any specific decorations, or set-up directions you may have, and implement those for you while you are out on our playground and inflatables enjoying the day with your birthday child. All you, as the parent, have to do is have fun with your child, mingle with all of the guests and take a lot of pictures!

Princess Themed Party

Princess Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party

Let your child experience the magical tea party they’ve always dreamed of hosting with our Princess Themed party. We have Costumed Characters such as Cinderella, Belle, and Elsa who can attend to delight your child and their special guests. Instead of your little girl playing pretend in your home, let her live out her dreams with all of her family and friends at Run Jump-n-Play. She can wear her favorite ballgown, her shiniest crown and her fanciest shoes. Let us worry about the plates, the cake, the drinks, and the cleanup while you join in on the magic that your little girl is experiencing at her special birthday party



Superhero Themed Party

With a Superhero Themed Party, your child can experience what it’s like to summon their own group of Avengers to take on all the inflatables, basketball hoops, and playsets in our indoor showroom! Let them and their friends run, climb, slide, and save the world while our party host makes sure all the mess is cleaned up. You’ll enjoy the memories of chatting with your adult friends and watching your child’s eyes light up as our costumed Iron Man, Spider-Man, or Black Widow call them into action!

Pirate Themed Parties and More!

With a variety of options to suit every budget and guest list, you can make your Run Jump-n-Play party as inclusive as you like. Every party includes a personal party host to take care of all the nitty-gritty, your own private party room, set-up, clean-up, paper goods, invitations, our easy to use RSVP system and, of course, use of the Run Jump-n-Play playset, inflatable, and trampoline arenas. One price, no fuss, no hassles, no repeated trips to the party supply store, no juggling multiple vendors. Want more? We can add pizzas, drinks, goodie bags, and ice cream cups too! But most importantly, our parties are FUN! Sit back and take in the day as your child and their guests run, jump, play, laugh and enjoy hours of active fun throughout our state-of-the-art Inflatable Arenas. Simply put, there is no better place for any child’s big celebration! As parents, we all want to give our kids the best party possible, but the pricing has to stay on budget and the planning has to fit within the confines of our busy schedules. Parties at Run Jump-n-Play are not only affordable and virtually effortless, they are THE parties kids want to throw and their friends want to attend! Stop Googling “party games for kids” and start enjoying your child’s special day!