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Make Your Play Date at Run Jump-n-Play!

Are play dates and play groups becoming too much work?

Play dates. You know they’re essential in providing your kids opportunities to socialize (and they can be a great time for you to connect with other parents!) But the work that goes into them can be downright maddening. You head to the store to pick up snacks, scrub your house from top to bottom and then white-knuckle it for several hours praying that no one breaks something. Unfortunately, even when your guests depart, the stress isn't over. Your house now looks like it’s been run through by a herd of buffalo and now you have to tidy up the wreckage. Wouldn’t it be convenient to avoid this dilemma altogether? It's actually possible when you make your next play date or group meeting at Run Jump-n-Play! With no snacks to pick up, no cleaning to do and no breakables to guard, you can actually relax and have fun! Your kids and their friends will have a blast choosing from a wide variety of activities while enjoying hours of engaging, healthy play. And you? No more Play Date Fatigue. Here's what we offer at Run Jump-n-Play to make your next play date awesome.