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Indoor Play for Your Toddler Just Got Easy

“It’s gonna be a cold one today, folks!” The statement that every mom dreads hearing from the weather channel, especially those moms with one or more toddlers running around the house needing to get their wiggles out. These days can seem so long, as before lunch everybody is already stepping on each other’s toes, literally! This is when it’s time to load everyone up in the car and take them to Ohio’s largest indoor playground, Run Jump-n-play. The size is not the only thing that makes Run Jump-n-Play unique, though.  They have something for every age. In fact, toddlers have their own specially designed interactive “Toddler Zone” that was created with these little humans in mind. 

Interactive Play

Interactive and physical play is so very important for the toddler population. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, this is something that is often put on the back burner. The interactive “Toddler Zone” at Run Jump-n-Play not only allows kids to burn some serious energy, but it also assists in developing gross and fine motor skills as well as gives kids the opportunity to work on their social and cognitive development. A large piano that creates beautiful sounds when a child’s feet jump on it, for example, or even a giant, gently spinning rocket ship that transports your toddler directly to space are just a few features of the Toddler Zone that make it unique in the tri-state. There is a display of sensory exploration tools and educational manipulatives lined up against the wall of the Toddler Zone. From a toddler’s point of view, there is no end in site for what they can explore!  Parents can feel safe knowing that their children can crawl and explore the surroundings, as no shoes are allowed in the Toddler Zone and the equipment is regularly washed and maintained.


Did you know that, according to the Child Development Institute, 75% of a child’s brain development occurs after they are born? What this means is that they need to be given opportunities that allow their brains to grow and develop that will assist in all areas of life. Physical and interactive play does just that, especially when done in an environment that is outside the home. When a toddler explores the interactive Toddler Zone, they turn into miniature scientists, experimenting with different shapes, sounds and objects.  All the while, their brains are taking in the surroundings and building nerve connections to promote learning and critical thinking skills. They can climb, jump, run, imagine, and explore for hours.  


Help Your Toddler Build Confidence

But it’s not just physical and intellectual benefits of play that children will experience.  Research shows that allowing toddlers to freely play and explore, especially in an environment outside the home, builds a healthy level of confidence and perseverance. Letting them jump up on a block, and maybe fall down, gives them the chance to develop the skills to adequately handle that setback and try again.  Learning that failure is a normal part of life, and developing the skills to keep going, is essential to child development.  Doing so in a safe, and clean, environment allows the parent to sit back and watch the magic happen.


There is a spectrum of language development in the toddler age group.  Some 18-month olds can speak complete sentences, some 2 year olds are only saying a few words.  And all of that is more than okay.  Bringing your toddler to the Toddler Zone enables them to effectively learn communication skills at whatever current level they are at.  Research suggests that interactive play allows those toddlers who are not quite communicating effectively yet to develop certain skills to get their opinions and emotions recognized by others.  On the other hand, those toddlers who are already communicating verbally on a regular basis can heighten these skills by teaching, sharing, playing and working with children of all ages and levels of development.  


Run Jump-n-Play is the perfect place to go to allow your kids the freedom to explore and play.  Depending on the ages of your child, the parents have the ability to sit and enjoy a refreshment while searching the web, as there is complimentary WiFi available. There are automatic doors as you enter the facility to make getting in the building less complicated.  However, as you exit, you are required to push the handicap button to open the doors.  This added feature of the business gives an extra level of safety so if a toddler runs outside of your view for a split second, they can’t easily exit the building.  Of course employees are stationed at the front desk always watching the front door as well.  There are also waist-high walls surrounding the front to make it even more challenging for a child to get to the main door.


Best Birthday Parties in Cincinnati!

Once you check out Run Jump-n-Play, especially the Toddler Zone, you are sure to fall in love with its ease. You may even be interested in booking a birthday party specifically geared towards the younger kids who are a tad too small for our giant inflatables.  Run Jump-n-Play is now offering birthday party packages for toddlers that give you 75 minutes of playtime in the giant indoor playground and Toddler Zone.  The indoor playground is a dream for kids. Not only does it have several Rainbow playsets with swings, slides, tunnels, ladders, tire-swings and monkey bars, but it also has two giant trampolines that are completely safe and enclosed.  There is also a basketball court with several hoops set up for fun.  The kids have free roam of both the playground and Toddler Zone during these 75 minutes and will be nearly out of breath at the end when they are done running and playing! After this time, you are given a personal party room, complete with a giant inflatable throne for the birthday girl or boy, to sit on to celebrate the big day! Pizza and drinks are available as part of a package, as well, to make it a stress-free party for the host.


Don’t miss out on this awesome indoor playground! Your kids are sure to have a blast which translates to an easier day for mom or dad. Whether it be a day off of school due to snow, rain with no end in site or maybe you just want to sit down and relax while the kids have fun, Run Jump-n-Play is the place to go!‘, ‘Toddler Zone – An Interactive Play Zone for Your Toddler!