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Trampolines that push limits


No springs to get caught in, no frame
to hit. Thunder is the first soft-edged
trampoline in the world to use Leaf
Springs instead of coil springs to power
your bounce.

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General family use and extra large yards


General family use and huge backyards

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What makes Vuly Thunder Trampolines so Safe?

These trampolines are designed with high-end materials without using a single nut or bolt to hold it together. Your children’s fingers and toes are completely safe. Unlike traditional coil springs and rods, the newly designed leaf springs enable a perfectly upright and vertical bounce to ensure safety. This greatly reduces the chance of injury compared to some of the competitions springfree products. You can tell it's not a Vuly Trampoline because of the noticeable slanted rods that give a horizontal and uneven bounce. This tends to slightly twist the body when jumping causing potential harm to the knees and back. One of the best and unique safety features of the Vuly Trampoline is it's safety net. It is the tallest net on the market and will make sure that anyone bouncing will remain inside. This safety net is equipped with a unique design. There is no zipper to get caught in. The safety net is extremely secure so you don’t have to worry about your child zipping the net up, or accidentally falling out this way. Arguably the best feature of the Vuly Thunder Trampoline is the edge, if that is even the right word to use? The mat and safety net are seamlessly connected to the frame giving it a soft, cushioned impact anywhere your kids land. Even right up to the edge. At last, a trampoline your legs can't be trapped in or catapult out of!